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LOR vn: An old story new

Reaching Further Together


Our belief

Man is the measure of all things

LOR vn was founded in 2017 with one simple idea in mind : showing that the life of eternal Vietnam is again its best asset into the future. We illustrate, through concrete projects in agriculture and hospitality, that ancient values and attitude to life are the right bet to render modernity more human and thwart its evils.

In 3 years we have set up 4 businesses and are now full-on taking our fifth's one off the ground.

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Embracing life

Farming is at the foundation of mankind since neolithic age, and remains largely unchanged since, while "home", also symbolically called "fire" or "soul" is equally central to our life. This is why LOR had to principally be involved with agriculture and hospitality



In Phú Thọ province we farm plants (food and medicinal) and livestock in an "organic plus" way :  we use no pesticide, animal fertilizer only, our animals are bred in a semi-wild forestry environment. Our work is essentially manual. We employ local communities in a family atmosphere where social and work go hand in hand.



We want to be there where people live, we want to suggest some fuller way of life and that our homes are home to rich and diverse lives. We don't pretend we bring novelty but thrive to rejuvenate the best of ancient ways.

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Different perspectives

Our three current hospitality projects are offered to three very different kind of people: workers and employees of international factories in Thái Nguyên, expatriates, mostly Japaneses in Kim Mã , Hanoi, visitors from far away shores in our Huế Hotel. All share, although at different degrees, the project of offering a home more than a roof, to bring the warmth of a human experience behind the face of lodging.


 Thái Nguyên Phát Lộc workers' Nhà Trọ

In Thái Nguyên, just in front of the huge Samsung factory and ever growing international industrial camp, we offer 69 comfortable ACed rooms and studio flats to workers, employees and their families.
Our guests are most often very young, come from rural background and are somewhat uprooted. We created a farm onsite where guests can grow plants and livestock, cook and enjoy festive evenings on site. What matters most to them? The family feeling of the place...

Kim Mã's "Himeji serviced apartments"

In Kim Mã, in the center of Hanoi's Japanese district, between Lotte and the Japanese embassy, LOR owns and manages 13 flats furnished and equipped to suit Japanese expats needs. The building is in a quiet alley off the vibrant Kim Mã street, surrounded by two lakes and a range of sushi restaurants and lively cafes. It is full of light and the apartments are fully serviced with security 24h 7/7, flat cleaning 5 times a week, laundry, filtered water, Japanese TV.

Huế Citadel mandarin's home

In Huế, within the walls of the citadel, will be our largest and most ambitious venture. LOR is rthere ecreating a place of special significance to our purpose: the vast home of a Mandarin of pre-colonial times, to meet tomorrow's Vietnam. It is to be a place of life, where guests, staff and locals will live and share the particular atmosphere, embodiment of a way of life, of ancient Hue. Huế: ancient Imperial City, model city for the future, active but not hectic, modern but not polluted, urban but green to the extent that farming still takes place within the citadel precinct. We will showcase its multifaceted culture, ancient and recent, in an everyday life context

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16A Ngo 523 kim ma, Hanoi, Vietnam


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